Blogging 十诫


1. blogging for fun ,for yourself, at least at beginning
1. 为开心和为自己写 BLOG, 至少在开始时这样.

2. don’t force yourself to blog just for periodically update.
2. 别只为了每天写 BLOG 而强迫自己 BLOG.

3. don’t limit your blog to min. or max. length.
3. 不要限制 BLOG 文章的长短.

4. don’t blog just for audience.
4. 别只为看客写 BLOG.

5. don’t be afraid of opposite comments.
5. 别怕反对意见.

6. Blogging is to share your thought, your opinion, not your ” me too”.
6. BLOG 用来分享想法和意见, 不是表达无意义的 “我也一样…”

7. Blogging tools and interfaces are for convenience, not for “Wow! so fascinating!” The same as your site layout.
7. BLOG 操作和界面以实用为主, 而不是 “哇!真迷人啊”. 网站布局也应该是这样.

8. If you don’t want someone reading your blog, never put it on.(Even he/she don’t know you have a blog)
8. 如果你不想让某些人读你的 BLOG, 那么就别把它放上来 ( 即使他/她不知道你有一个 BLOG ).

9. Try to remember why you are blogging.
9. 试着回忆一下为什么要 BLOG.

10. forget the first 9 rules. use the 10th instead: BLOG FOR YOURSELF!
10. 忘了前九条, 直接遵循第十条:为了你自己而 BLOG!


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